Community Guidelines

Rules that keep you from getting banned

Welcome to VRChat, a platform and online community where you can be anyone, create anything and interact with people from all over the world. Every experience you’ll have inside VRChat is unique and probably a little weird but definitely enjoyable and even inspiring.

All of these experiences are possible thanks to our amazing community and the guidelines they’ve followed to make VRChat a fun and safe place for everyone. As a member of our community, we request that you follow these same guidelines.

Individuals who fail to follow these guidelines are subject to bans or account deletion. VRChat will take action based on it’s discretion in gray areas. Moderation action taken in app will often result in action taken against accounts on other VRChat forums, such as, the VRChat Discord, and other online portals.

The guidelines outlined below are not an exhaustive list. Our full Terms of Service can be found at

The following are forbidden in VRChat and related services.

Age Requirement

You must be 13 or older to use VRChat services.


  • Hate speech, including language, symbols, and actions.
  • Discrimination towards spiritual beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability, and/or any other personally identifying factors.


  • Repeatedly approaching an individual with the intent to disturb or upset.
  • Going through other individuals and channels such as social media to continue to harass an individual after being blocked.
  • Reporting maliciously on our mod report form.

Inappropriate Content

  • User and display names must abide by our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
  • Live-streaming, advertising or publicly sharing content that is sexually explicit in nature or simulates sex acts is not permitted. Doing so may result in moderation action being taken against your account up to (but not limited to) banning of the offending user account depending on the severity of the act in question.
  • When publishing content to VRChat, the author of the content is responsible for all other content directly linked within their own content. Any linked content must not violate the Community Guidelines. This includes (but is not limited to) portals to other worlds, avatar pedestals, downloaded images, video, and audio.
    • Check all content that is accessible from your own content.
    • We recommend obtaining permission and informing the author of the linked content that you are including it in your own content.
    • Ensure that you trust the creator of any content that you link from your own content.
    • Incidents involving this guideline will be judged on a case-by-case basis.
  • Pornography & nudity is not allowed.
  • Political & Religious figures and symbology. Civil discourse is permitted in private spaces where all participants consent to discussion.


  • Impersonating a VRChat employee.
  • You may not falsely identify yourself as another individual or group.

Disclosure of Personal Information

  • Also referred to as “Doxxing”, disclosing an individuals personal information will result in immediate account termination and actions leading up to alerting local authorities.
  • Including but not limited to personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, other online handles, & real life pictures.
  • Please also refrain from callout threads on VRChat forums. Name shaming will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with an individual, please send us a moderation report.

Modification of VRChat App or SDK

  • You may not modify any part of the VRChat client or SDK. This also extends to any unauthorized 3rd party tools that interact with the client.
  • Creating cheats, cracks, bots & exploiting bugs in the client or SDK is prohibited.
  • Disrupting & interfering with the experience of VRChat users, including disruption of VRChat servers is not allowed. This also includes attempts to decipher any transmissions to/from the VRChat servers.
  • You will not upload or attempt to distribute files that contain viruses, corrupted data, or malicious software in the VRChat app or through associated external communication software such as Discord.
  • You may not mine or collect unauthorized information from VRChat using unauthorized 3rd party software.
  • You may report exploits via our Moderation Report Form, using the "MOD" category.

Asset Reverse Engineering, Stealing, Extraction, or "Ripping" Content

  • You may not reverse engineer, steal, extract or rip content from VRChat.
  • You may not use OR redistribute content that has been reverse engineered, stolen, extracted, or ripped from VRChat.
  • Content in this context is either content generated by VRChat OR by other users.
  • Doing so will result in a permanent ban from VRChat on the account that said content is found.

Avatar Modifications

Adding features to your avatar with the intention of misleading other users about functionality of VRChat is not allowed.

Avatars must not hide, obstruct, add/remove elements from, or affect/modify the appearance of the VRChat UI (such as nameplates).


You may not market, promote, advertise, or solicit unauthorized products or services within VRChat or official forums.

VRChat Accounts

  • We strongly advise against sharing your account information with others.
  • Do not provide false information or intentionally hide information when creating an account with VRChat.
  • "Role-playing" is not an excuse for violation the community guidelines

    Lots of users enjoy roleplaying in VRChat. Please keep in mind that even during roleplaying, the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service must be followed.

    Organizing Hate Groups

    Creating and being involved in a group that is based on or advocates discrimination or harassment is not allowed. We will aggressively pursue moderation action toward group leadership / members as well as disbanding such groups.

    Evading Bans

    Evading bans is prohibited and will result in account suspension leading up to termination.

    Account Suspensions & Termination

    It is the responsibility of VRChat users to be aware of the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Our moderation team will determine the length of suspensions on a case by case basis. Most cases will go through an escalation of increasing lengths of suspension, ultimately resulting in account termination upon repeat violations. Extreme cases will result in immediate account termination.

    How to report violations of the Community Guidelines

    Please contact our Moderation team via our Moderation Report Form, using the "MOD" category. We appreciate your efforts to help keep VRChat a safe place for everyone.

    Moderation Appeals

    If your account has been subjected to moderation action, you may appeal the action by contacting our Moderation team.

    Appeals for moderation actions should be sent via our Moderation Report Form, using the "MOD" category. A response will only be given to successful appeals.

    VRChat Team Presence

    • VRChat employees will never ask for any personal information outside of official email channels of communication from the domain. These emails will not be unsolicited.
    • When encountering a VRChat employee in the app, please keep in mind that even employees come in to relax and hang out with the community. Please respect their free time and treat them as you would other community members.
    • VRChat moderators will never directly interact with users in the app. All communication from our moderation team will be through email.